Worcester Terrace

Worcester Terrace

Worcester Gardens is a privately owned Victorian ornamental communal garden in the Clifton & Hotwells Conservation Area sub-division Clifton Park, laid out in 1853. Charles Underwood designed Worcester Terrace and Gardens in 1842.

Prior to the development of the gardens, the land was held as part of the Manor of Clifton and was in agricultural use. The Clifton area has been in occupation from Neolithic times.

The gardens have been formally owned in trust for the benefit of residents of Worcester Terrace by the Worcester Gardens, Clifton Association since 1992, although in practice the gardens have always been held exclusively for the benefit of the residents.

The garden contains many lovely mature trees including copper beech, holly and chestnut.

The general layout of the gardens has been maintained from at least 1887 when two lawn tennis courts were established, which were maintained up until 1953. The original railings and gates were removed sometime in 1942 as part of the war effort and replaced in 1950 with wire fencing.